39 Per Person
minimum four people
Choose a Banquet and receive a 50% discount on Desserts



Sweet & Sour Prawn or Chicken Soup – Canh Chua
A specialty of Southern Vietnam. Soured with tamarind, fresh tomato, and pineapple; lifted by a wetland herb (unique to Vietnamese food), and finished with okra for colour and texture.
Beef Salad – Bo Bop Thau
Harry’s new succulent sous vide cooked beef, with green apple and pickle salad, prawn crackers and fish sauce.
Duck with Cumquat & Ginger Sauce
Harry’s new luscious sous vide cooked duck with tangy Asian cumquat and ginger sauce, to complement and contrast the richness of the duck.


Main Course

Bonfire Prawns and Beef – Tom Quanh Lua Hong
Marinated prawns and beef with onion, cooked in a pot at the table and served with rice paper, lettuce, herbs, pickles and special anchovy sauce.
Roast Spatchcock with Sticky Rice “Chips”
Slow cooked in a rich sauce based on coconut juice, and accompanied by unique sticky rice and coconut “chips”
Salt & Pepper Calamari – Muc Muoi (Gluten free on request)
Arguably the best in Sydney! Deep-fried to a taste sensation, served with a classic salt, pepper and lemon dipping sauce, or tamarind dipping sauce.


If you have an allergy to any ingredient, it is important that you inform the waiting staff, so that we can assist you with your selection.

All dishes and sauces are gluten free unless marked by the word Gluten. Some dishes containing gluten can be made gluten free on request.

Peanuts are used as a garnish in Vietnamese food. Please advise our staff if you want peanuts to be excluded.

Group Bookings (6 or more people) – a minimum charge of $39 per person applies. Also the food ordered should be shared, or a banquet ordered, as the Bay Tinh is unable to provide separate individual meals simultaneously. Traditionally, Vietnamese food is shared and the cooking processes are designed for this style of food provision.

Credit Card Payments – A minimum payment of $20 applies. American Express cards – a 2% surcharge applies.

Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

We want you to enjoy your meal in our informal and relaxing atmosphere.