(Bay Tinh Marrickville only)


Ha Noi Grill – Bun cha Ha Noi   12
Grilled sliced and minced pork with special Hanoi caramelized sauce, served with rice noodles, Asian herbs and lettuce.

Mixed Grill – Bun Thit Nuong Thap Cam  12
Grilled pork fillet (or chicken lemongrass), Spring Roll and Prawns, served with rice noodles, Asian herbs and lettuce.

Grilled Beef with Betel Leaves – Bo Cuon La Lot 12
Grilled beef wrapped in betel leaves served with rice noodles, Asian herbs and lettuce.

Crispy Pancake / Vegetarian Crispy Pancake – Banh Xeo  12

Traditional Beef Soup – Pho  Bo   SML 10, L 12

Chicken Noodle Soup – Pho Ga    SML 10, L  12   

Tender Beef Cubes with Garlic Rice – Bo Luc Lac Com Toi    12
Shaking beef served with garlic rice and salad. Complementary clear chicken soup.

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken with Sate Sauce – Ga Nuong Sate    12
Grilled chicken sate with steamed rice and salad.  Complementary clear chicken soup.

Crispy Chicken and Red Rice – Com Do Ga Don  12
Crispy Maryland Chicken served with red rice.  Complementary clear chicken soup.

Traditional Beef Soup

Pho Bo (Traditional Beef Soup)

If you have an allergy to any ingredient, it is important that you inform the waiting staff, so that we can assist you with your selection.
All dishes and sauces are gluten free unless marked by the word Gluten. Some dishes containing gluten can be made gluten free on request.
Peanuts are used as a garnish in Vietnamese food. Please advise our staff if you want peanuts to be excluded.
Credit Card Payments – A minimum payment of $20 applies. American Express cards – a 2% surcharge applies.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
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